Apprenticeships are perfect for those who want to be able to gain industry experience while earning a qualification and a wage. Of course, as with any job, you’ll need to have certain personal qualities to succeed in an apprenticeship.

Here, we are going to look at what some of these personal qualities are. Keep reading to see if you have what it takes to succeed in an apprenticeship.

Willingness To Learn

Completing an apprenticeship is all about learning about a field while also learning about yourself so if you aren’t willing to learn then this may not be the right path for you. The most successful apprentices are those who have taken all the knowledge they have gained and put it to practical use. If you’re willing to learn and want to develop your skills, then this might be the right path for you.


Apprenticeships aren’t as easy as you might think and so you are going to need to be a motivated individual to succeed. You’ll need to motivate yourself to complete your work for your diploma as well as the work assigned by your employer. With the right attitude and determination, you’ll be able to succeed in an apprenticeship.


Are you passionate about starting a career in a particular industry? This is one of the most important qualities that we look for in our apprentices and it will help you a lot when the work gets a little tougher. Passion is key in any industry so find what drives you and get in touch so that we can match you with the right role.


Having enough self-confidence in yourself is not always easy but you need to remember that you have what it takes to be successful. If you are able to show confidence and prove yourself to your employer, you’ll make the most of your apprenticeship and hopefully have a future career in that field.

Effective Communication

The final personal quality that we believe is important to have as an apprentice is the ability to communicate effectively. You’ll need to be able to communicate your ideas to your employer and communicate anything that you are struggling with. Communication skills can be developed with practice and your apprenticeship will help with this.

Apply Now!

Do you think you have all of the personal qualities that you will need to succeed in an apprenticeship? If so, make sure to get in touch with SET Training and we’ll be happy to find the perfect role for you. We also have lots of vacancies on our site so have a look at these to see if any are a match!

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