We take the success of our apprentices very seriously. When
working with young people, we identify any additional support
needs at the recruitment process. If any are identified, we put
the relevant support into place to support the apprentice
throughout the programme and beyond. You can rest assured
that we are there to support you in supporting your new
employee to ensure everyone gets the best experience from
the Apprenticeship Programme.


As a business, we noticed COVID was beginning to take it’s toll on
the mental wellbeing of our apprentices. As a reaction to this, we
decided to seek external support. We now partner with an
independent organisation, Just Smart Thinking, to offer free
coaching sessions to any of our apprentices who feel like they
would benefit from this. The coaching sessions are completely
confidential, so what is discussed in the session stays completely
between the coach and the apprentice. We have had positive
results from this service so far and we are delighted to be able to
support the wellbeing of our apprentices in such a productive and
beneficial way.


The Set Training team have undergone training within many fields such as mental health, autism and dyslexia training. We did this so that we could gain a better understanding on how to support our young people with additional support needs. Since receiving this training we have adapted our resources and materials. This is to ensure that we are delivering our apprenticeships the best we can and meeting our apprentices needs.

Set Training aim to be as inclusive as possible, by doing this we have been working towards achieving our LGBT Bronze Charter which we are close to completely. Throughout the charter we are receiving training and tasks to help us gain a better understanding on how to be more inclusive and ensure we are doing what we can to support young people within the LGBT Community. We are an equal opportunities training provide and recruitment agency, we encourage applications from all different backgrounds, regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/beliefs or sexual orientation.


Looking after welfare of our apprentices is the top of our priority list at the start of the pandemic, we noticed an increase in the number of young people struggling with their mental health. So at the end of 2020 Set Training decided to partner up with Adrian and Just Smart Thinking, who is a life coach with a clinical background. The full Set Training team went through a mental health awareness workshop, to help us recognise the signs. However, that does not make us trained professionals, so we decided to offer free life and performance coaching to all apprentices. We really trust Adrian with our apprentices and the feedback that we get back from them is that Adrian has been a great help. We are the only training provider in Scotland to offer this service. If you are one of our apprentices or employers and want to know more about this, please feel free to get in touch either through your assessor or calling our office on 0141 611 7898.

If you would like to find out more about Adrian and Just Smart Thinking, you can do so by clicking here.