How to Become an Apprentice

If you are a young person looking to find an apprenticeship, Set Training & Resourcing can help you find the perfect one for you and take you the process step by step.

After leaving school, you will be faced with many different options. A popular career path for many young people is to become an apprentice. Here at Set Training & Resourcing, we not only help you to find an apprenticeship, but we also help you to connect with the very best employers across Scotland, help you with interview preparation and will be there throughout the entire process of gaining your qualifications.


Step 1

The first stage in the process for a young candidate looking to find an apprenticeship in Scotland is to contact the friendly staff here at Set Training & Resourcing.

Step 2

After contacting us, we will arrange a meeting with you where we can take you the process of becoming an apprentice step by step and what the requirements are. During this meeting, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to tell us a little bit more about yourself, what type of apprenticeship you are looking to find, and you can ask us any questions that you may have about the process.

Step 3

At Set Training & Resourcing, we are able to connect you with some of the very best employers across Scotland. We will find suitable employers for you and arrange interviews on your behalf. Don’t worry about the interviews, as our friendly staff are on hand to help you get ready for your upcoming interview.

Step 4

Once you have been accepted for your new apprenticeship, you can then get started in your new role! You will then be getting real experience in the world of work, will earn a wage, and we will also check in with you regularly to help you complete your qualification.

William – Tomorrow Design

Whilst still at school, William started looking for an apprenticeship and contacted the team at SET Training. The process was extremely easy and he received preparation for the application process and interview training. He found the process of working with SET Training incredibly smooth, reliable and easy and is now working in a company where he is learning new skills that he is passionate about.

When you become an apprentice, it won’t cost you anything.

You will be learning new skills in a real workplace, earning money and you will also be working towards official qualifications at the same time.

If you want to find out more about the process, contact a member of the Set Training & Resourcing team today.


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