Here at Set Training & Resourcing, we pride ourselves on great support not just with our apprenticeships but also with our partnered businesses. Below are some of our amazing partners that took the time to write about their experiences working with us.

Heather One4Growth
Heather Offord, Director

One4Growth Testimonial

When I wanted to grow the company – it was a daunting prospect financially.  This was truthfully the main reason I initially looked at apprentices.  I met Jenny at a network event and heard all I needed to about the quality they deliver – to decide this was the route for me.

The process was quick, efficient and all applicants were well fitted – however, I chose Rebecca.  I didn’t know what to expect – and had a very loose plan, thinking it would take a long time to get Rebecca up to speed.

I was very wrong!  Rebecca has been an absolute asset to the business and allowed us to grow quicker than I thought we could.  We have just moved into our new office and allowed space for future apprentices! 

I can’t recommend SET Training enough – they work with you to ensure everything is always on track and any issues – they help – not just the first few months – but throughout the year.

I look forward to taking on more apprentices as we grow.

We want to thank One4growth for this review and we look forward to continuing working with them. You can check out their website by clicking here.

Clyde Business Services

I would thoroughly recommend SET training for employers looking to take on a young apprentice. They guide you through the whole process, and they really care about their apprentices and look after them as they help the apprentices with getting placements, then provide them and the employers with full support throughout the year. We have used them many times for apprentices and always found it a very positive experience.

Richard Cleary, Director
Eamon O'Brien, Director

Synergy Salon

Excellent training provider and the best that I have dealt with over the years. The team make it easy for employers by attracting talented applicants to new apprenticeship roles within the business and the assessors are top class meaning the apprenticeship work gets done on or before time with quality outcomes. Well done Set team.