Are you a young person considering your career options? Or maybe you are an employer who is looking to take on more young staff members? Over the years there have been many misconceptions about modern apprenticeships, which tends to be because people are unsure about what exactly it is that they offer! Modern apprenticeships are a fantastic way to learn, earn money and gain valuable work experience. Here, we are busting some of the negative common myths that tend to be associated with apprenticeship jobs.


Limited to Trades

One of the most common misconceptions is that you can only get an apprenticeship in trades. However, this is simply not the case. While an electrical apprenticeship or engineering apprenticeships are an option, you are not limited to this. The number of modern apprenticeship frameworks is huge, and you may be surprised to hear that they cover every sector. For businesses, this gives you an alternative to taking on a graduate.


Last Resort

Many people tend to think that this is a last resort and only for those who are not continuing with higher education or cannot get any other job. This is completely false and modern apprenticeships are open to everyone as you can follow many different routes and career paths with it. Many young people are now choosing apprenticeships as an alternative to university as after two years of an apprenticeship you will earn a diploma. The difference here is that you can get your diploma, get paid and enjoy work experience at the same time. This is something that you won’t get at university.

Most employers will be looking for someone who is a high-achiever, enthusiastic, and wants to kick-start their career. If this sounds like you, then a modern apprenticeship is the perfect choice.


Only for New Recruits

While most businesses tend to recruit new apprentices, there may be someone in your business who would be the ideal candidate. If they fit the eligibility to receive funding, then they can achieve their diploma in the workplace. This is the perfect way to develop your current team and retain top talent!


Modern Apprenticeships Take You Out the Office

Wrong! As a modern apprentice, you will be in your workplace full time and the training will come to you. Each apprentice is given their own assessor who will visit them regularly throughout the year and guide them through the qualification. What’s great about apprenticeships is that they can be flexible to work around business needs. Each job role is different, and some may offer additional courses that will take you out of the office such as web design, networking and Windows learning. However, this is always done at the discretion of the employer.


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