Proact's Apprenticeship Experience

Set Training & Resourcing x Proact IT

Craig & Alistairs Experience

At the end of 2022, the Set team took a trip to Proact to speak to the employees about their relationship with Set Training & Resourcing.

Proact are a trusted IT service who enable business value and growth for their customers. Their mission is to help their customers drive business value and growth through IT. We have worked with Proact for 5 years now, helping them bring in new junior apprenticeship members to their team. We have had previous apprentices within Proact progress to more senior roles and have grown with the company.

We got to speak to Craig, a previous IT apprentice with Set Training & Resourcing. Craig spoke about his apprenticeship experience and the support he received from Set Training & Resourcing. As well as this we got the chance to speak to Alistair who has been involved in mentoring past and present apprentices within Proact. Alistair talks about what it’s like working alongside Set Training & Resourcing.

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