Apprenticeship Awards 2023

Apprenticeship Week

6th-10th March 2023

Apprenticeship Week 2023 has come to an end and what better way to celebrate Apprenticeship Week than to have our very own Set Training & Resourcing Apprenticeship Awards 2023!

This year was a fun filled busy week. We had shortlists for all 7 of our awards, who were all amazing candidates for each award.

We had a category for all three of the qualifications that we offer, for apprentices that have been through that qualification and progressed well since completion of their apprenticeship. Our winner for Digital Application Support Apprentice of the Year Award was Joel Beevors who started his apprenticeship working at the Union, based in Edinburgh. Joel’s manager nominated Joel for this award as she felt Joel adapted to his role really well and got involved in other aspects of the company, volunteering off his own back to take part in challenges. Joel has now progressed within the Developers side of the company and seems thriving.

Nicholas Kriaras was the winner for our Digital Marketing Apprentice of the Year Award. Brian, Nicholas’ manager nominated Nicholas for this award as Brian acknowledges that Nicholas persued an apprenticeship in order to broaden his knowledge. Brian also informed us that since Nicholas has taken over as content manager on LinkedIn, their presence on the platform has tripled. Nicholas has shown that he can transfer his skills from his apprenticeship to his role and has continued to do so since completing the apprenticeship.

Hamdi Van Middel then won our IT & Telecommunications Apprentice of the Year Award. Hamdi was recognised for this award by his mentor Craig. Craig informed us that Hamdi has a great manner and way with tailoring his I.T. support when it comes to helping colleagues, so that they understand the I.T issue. For this reason and many others, Hamdi is a very valued member of the GAMH team. This year Hamdi will now be participating in further I.T training opportunities to further his knowledge and experience.

As the employers and apprentice mentors have a big impact and support for the apprentices throughout their apprenticeship, we decided to create award categories to give them the recognition they deserve. We appreciate that all of our mentors and employers are amazing, however we found that some particularly stood out. Proclaim Care, was our award winner for our Employer of the Year Award. They stood out as our assessors felt that Proclaim Care seems a good place to work as they have supported multiple apprentices now and they can identify each apprentices individual skills. The assessors also felt that Proclaim Care offer great progression routes after completion of their apprenticeship, showing they are prepared to support the young persons career after completion of the apprenticeship.

Our winner for Mentor of the Year Award, was Craig Rocks. Hamdi was Craig’s apprentice at GAMH, Hamdi nominated Craig for this award as Hamdi felt Craig deserved the recognition for all his hard work and support. Hamdi spoke very highly of Craig, explaining that Craig would even spend extra time with Hamdi helping him with units, even if that meant staying on after his working hours.

Finally we had our Kal McMillan Memorial, Apprentice of the Year Award. This award is for an individual who has done exceptionally well, shown a real passion and dedication to their work and qualification. This was awarded to Waleed Abassi, as the feedback we received from both his assessor at Set and his mentor at Proact was phenomenal. Waleed put in a lot of effort into his qualification, resulting in him achieving this earlier than predicted. Waleed has now progressed and been promoted into a further position at Proact and is getting on really well.

Apprenticeship Week 2023 was a brilliant week celebrating the success of all of our brilliant award winners, we cannot wait to celebrate again next year!

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